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Coming to Tucson!

July 13–17, 2018


Saturday, July 14 

8-5pm—Graphic Design Tools & Techniques for Business and Marketing Education—Presented by Peggy Deal

1:30–9pm—Painting with Light and Night Sky Photography—Presented by Rick Burress

Sunday, July 15 

8-5pm—Professional-Grade Photography for Non-Photographers—Presented by Rick Burress

8-5pm—Creative and Integrative Approaches to Branding—Presented by Peggy Deal and Jennie Jerome

Monday, July 16 

8-5pm—Beginning-to-Intermediate Adobe Photoshop: How to Use It and How to Teach It—Presented by Rick Burress

8-5pm—Self-Promotion for Graphic Designers and Other Digital Creatives—Presented by Peggy Deal 

10-11:30am—Instant Marketing from a Mobile Device: Spark, Canva, and Animoto—Presented by Jennie Jerome 

Tuesday, July 17 

8-9:30am—GCEF: Font Pairing Essentials—Presented by Peggy Deal and Alana Sabin

10-11:30am—GCEF: Accurate Folds for Printing—Presented by Jennifer Decker, John Earle and Cathy Skoglund

1:30-3:00am—GCEF: Monkeying with Color Management —Presented by Rick Burress

3:30-5:00am—GCEF: Tips and Tricks for the Adobe Creative Suite —Presented by Rick Burress and Paige Lock



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